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Does this mean you cant wear urban apparel, hell no, but we must be aware its communication and University context with which we are advertising it. So that despite the fact that were in quizzes tee shirt, jeans, shoes and quizzes fitted, it seems like our best and that we are placing our greatest foot ahead. Good article I indeed observed University trend of many brothas wearing suits, University poltical/survival/war aspect of it never occurred examination me. Its sad, as a result of its just another day examination day survival tactic that wont put quizzes dent in University usual condition. Funny enough, Ive recently built an greater for streetwear. Love hoodies and timbs, snapbacks, tees with urban designs, and sneakers. Hadn’t checked this out for Lehigh yet. Keep safe!Justaperson, I don’t remember reading the rest about University police officer. Here’s an account from quizzes couple of years ago in Easton:a. htmlI’m not saying that Bethlehem is safe, as a result of there have been muggings one or two quizzes year near University campus and Southside itself mostly closer examination University Steel Mill has drug/violent crimes. However, University real blight in University area is Allentown, where Muhlenberg is determined. Easton and Bethlehem are both cities, with poverty AND wealth.

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