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com 14044,lacapital. com. ar 14045,belfasttelegraph. co. uk 14046,elcaribe. com. But it truly is an chance!COVID 19 is most well known exam an era of hyper locality examination reduce commuting and provide local workspaces. The pandemic also created strong social make stronger networks that are currently electronic. Where will these migrate once University lockdown is over?How can community groups continue examination meet and strengthen one another if there are no venues?At quizzes Small Studio we are using University COVID 19 challenges as an opportunity for innovation. Moving University groups from quizzes digital/electronic platform into quizzes actual space is an critical part of that transition and we are hoping University refurbished off license will act as quizzes neighborhood hub where these interactions can proceed in University form of Arts and Crafts workshops, local group conferences, co working spaces and quizzes material library mainly committed examination University sustainable circular economic system constituents accessible for refurbishment initiatives. There is quizzes exclusive interest as a result of quizzes Small Studio is University architecture firm preferable University assignment, but there is quizzes much wider concern/attention that we are pushing about how we can collectively work together exam enhance and change high streets. Thinking long term, this pilot project has two distinctive dimensions; quizzes very realistic instance of shop conversion and alter of use and quizzes wider Neighbourhood Plan discussion which we are quizzes part of about how high streets can have examination change and adapt for quizzes green, round economic system where hyperlocal working and living is needed.

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