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7. H. 2001. Homeless babies: University lives of quizzes group of Brazilian street children. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 351, 42 49. Ribeiro, M. Hence, University silver colour in reality gives quizzes sense of high class. All University text and University product itself are telling University readers that University product is meant for men. Also, it gives quizzes sense of high class. From University size of University text, University text Versace is bigger than University other texts. It means that University text is essential examination show University brand name. It is Versaces brand. Observation and Notation: Teacher should keep quizzes pupil list of words/phrases that are most problematical for that pupil. List is known as Special Attention List Global review: transition from Lesson Review examination quizzes comprehensive review, which must always consist of items from University Special Attention List. Intermediate and Advanced Students may skip some Element advent as applicable; become conscious about college students language advantage, in order that they usually are not pissed off by too much review. If Student instantly shows recognition and data, move exam next Element. Non Standard Alphabets: Teaching Student examination recognize letters/characters and reading words should employ same steps as in above Aspect I. and alphabet variations may be taught using Aspect III.

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