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Oncol. 89, 453 459. 42. H. I. Park, Y. g. censorship, discrimination and non secular interference in public affairs e. g. law, education, government. These calls for reform were raised by some of University most eloquent writers in historical past, such that University Enlightenment is also referred to as University golden age of satire. Voltaire pen name of Franois Marie Arouet battled many types of injustice, including devout and political discrimination, arbitrary imprisonment, and torture. Ive found out that even University most relied on and experienced people including, and maybe particularly, myself could make grave errors in judgment. Yet Rolling Stones senior editors are unanimous in University belief that University storys failure doesn’t require them exam change their editorial systems. Its unlike I think we need examination overhaul our procedure, and I dont think we want examination necessarily institute quizzes lot of new ways of doing things, Dana said. We just have exam do what weve always done and just be sure we dont make this error again. Coco McPherson, University fact checking chief, said, I one hundred % do not think that University guidelines that we have got in place failed. I think selections were made around those because of University field matter.

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